Mental Health P1

Hey guys! I’m back. This time with a bit of a heavier topic, mental health. There are so many people out there that have mental health problems and think that the whole world is against them, they need people there for them, to comfort them.  

At night there are hundreds of people crying  themselves to sleep thinking they aren’t worthy or they don’t feel like they belong here. I know how that feels and it’s horrible. Absolutely horrible. You don’t know what to do, how to tell someone that you’re not ok, how to make your self feel better, all you know is how to cry to let it out. It’s hard to reach out and tell someone ‘I’m not ok I need help’, because you might think they won’t believe you. The thing is most people would understand, they would care for you and make sure that you’re getting better and feeling better. At the bottom of this post I will put a phone number for SHOUT. This is a number that you just type into your phone to text and you need to text SHOUT. Once you’ve done that someone will be there to listen to all your problems and your worries. You don’t have to give them you’re name or any personal details but its just a space where you can vent to them. 

Bye guys – il be back later to talk more! Feel free to enter the comments below…

Betty Boo xoxo

the number is 85258

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