Mental Health P1

Hey guys! I’m back. This time with a bit of a heavier topic, mental health. There are so many people out there that have mental health problems and think that the whole world is against them, they need people there for them, to comfort them.   At night there are hundreds of people crying  themselves […]

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Family Life

Hey guys! Today i just wanted to start with a nice simple easy topic. Family Life. Because of lockdown we have all been spending MUCH more time with our families. Some people might LOVE spending time with their family but others might not enjoy quite so much. Tonight i had supper with my family, all […]

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Hello. My name is Betty Boo. Well thats not my real name but thats my online name. This blog os going to be all about Family Life, Mental Health, Lifestyle, Fashion and so much more! If you wouldn’t mind taking a few moments to fill out the quiz just below that would mean the world! […]